Welcome to the 2018 TENNESSEE SENIOR OLYMPICS State Finals Online Registration System

Online Registration will be kept up through Tuesday, April 24th. The server has been overloaded so if you have had issues, please try again later. Contact us next week if you have not had success

The Tennessee Senior Olympics is open to Tennessee residents only. However, Tennessee border state competitors (no more than 30 miles from Tennessee) may compete in the Tennessee Senior Olympics.

You must be eligible to compete. Most sports require participation in a district unless you are BRAND NEW to our system. We also offer many open sports which do not require qualification. For eligibility requirements and open sports, please visit http://tnseniorolympics.com/registration-eligibility

PLEASE take a moment to READ these instructions, as they will be helpful as you go through the process and answer most of your registration questions.

1. ENTRY FORM: Please have your 2018 Entry Form available for reference. It will answer most of your questions regarding the event. You can view it online at 2018 State Entry Form - Golf information on pages 9 and 10

2. PAYMENT: Please have your credit card available. In order to process your registration, payment must be made.

- Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards are accepted.

3. PARTNER SPORTS: You MUST have your PARTNERS NAME and DOB to register for a Partner Sport. We do not assign you a partner. Need a partner? Please visit Team Finder

4. TEAM SPORTS: You MUST have your EXACT TEAM NAME to register for a Team Sport. Please check with your captain. We do not assign you to a team. Need a team? Please visit Team Finder

TEAM CAPTAINS : You MUST have the names and ages of players ready

5. SWIMMING and TRACK: You will need your AVERAGE TIME in swimming and track. This is used for placement in heats if needed. Swimmers who have a USMS card are asked to provide this number (the USMS will not accept results without it). If you do not have this membership, please enter 0 where requested.

6. GOLFERS: Golf Registration is now open for all golfers. Registration will be capped at 160 golfers.

7. PICKLEBALL, TABLE TENNIS AND BADMINTON: District place (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) is needed for seeding purposes. If your DISTRICT did NOT offer these sports, or if you are a new TSO participant, you may place a "0" for the district place.

8. TWO NEW EXHIBITION SPORTS for 2018: These sports will be considered OPEN for the 2018 State Finals meaning no district qualification is required.

a. CORNHOLE DOUBLES - A doubles team will compete in the age division of the youngest player. Doubles partners may be mixed.

9. TRACK/FIELD, CYCLING, 5K/10K ROAD RACES FEE: Athletes are required to pay a $5.00 fee to help offset officials/timing costs. This is a one-time fee even if the athlete competes in more than one of these listed sports.

Questions regarding online registration? Please contact the TSO office at 615-200-8760 or email us at info@tnseniorolympics.com and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

For online registration please click here.